Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Making the Running Store Rounds

I've had a few issues with recent purchases from running stores. The problems were not necessarily the fault of the running stores, but I hate handling these types of errands -- I hate taking things back or having to figure out why they are not working as I expected. If my shoes and HR monitor did not cost so much, I might have just suffered.

So today I went to RoadRunner to discuss my New Balance 905s. Recently I started getting blisters in the exact same spots I was getting blisters from my last pair of NB. (I was assured the shoes have been improved and I shouldn't have a problem.) I was pretty sure a pair of insoles would fix the problem.

The sales person admitted that the shoes I bought are probably not heavy enough for my long distance days, and though insoles will help with the blisters, I really need a slightly heavier shoe. I ended up leaving the store with insoles and a great new pair of asics.

After leaving RoadRunner, I went straight to Front Runner to discuss my Timex HR monitor which is not working consistently. I was hoping that someone would take one look at it and say, "Here's the problem. It's fixed." What happened was even better! The sales rep listened to my story, took the same HR monitor out of the case and gave it to me. He didn't even care that I don't have the instruction books because my dog ate them! (I have to admit, that is part of the reason I didn't take it back earlier.)

So, today I'm happy. I have new insoles, I have new shoes and I have a new HR monitor! And the sun was shining. This is a good day!


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