Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walking in Williamsburg

Work travel can make it difficult to get walking in, too. When I travel in the fall, I'm required to attend a lot more meetings, so it is harder to find time to walk then. In the Spring, like now, I sometimes have breaks in the middle of the day and I will often try to sneak out for a walk. And because of Daylight Saving Time, it is light later in the day, so I can usually walk in the evening if I have to.

This week, I had a lot fewer meetings than normal. Monday I had a three-hour break between 1 and 4 p.m. I took off the business suit, threw on my walking clothes and got in a three-mile walk! It was overcast, but then again, Ohio usually is too, this time of year. Still, it felt wonderful to be outside in the middle of day and sneak in a walk! I got back in plenty of time to make the 4:00 meeting. Though there was nothing even remotely scenic near our hotel, I did see some obvious signs of spring!

Today my meetings ended at 2 p.m. and by 3 I was outside. Though the doorman assured me it would not rain, about halfway through my second mile it started to sprinkle. It was not enough to make me quit, but I was looking for Roy when I got back!

So, I arrived here on Sunday and walked around Colonial Williamsburg for a little while. Got in 3 miles on Monday along with walking around (a little) Colonial Williamsburg again when we went there for dinner. Tonight I got in 2 miles and we walked the quarter mile to and from the restaurant.

Not bad! And because I'm doing a half marathon this weekend, I'm tapering anyway, so I probably did not want to walk much harder anyway.

I'm so glad that my walking shoes do not take up any more room than the required (but really cute) high heels!

For some reason, the flash on my digital camera is not working! So, I am unable to take a decent photo of my shoes. They all turn out blurry. Darn!!!! Despite this, I was thrilled to get photos of some spring daffodils.

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