Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Miles Saturday

Saturday the Buckeye Striders did a 10-13 mile walk on a great rails to trails route in West Jefferson, Ohio. The original plan was to do an out and back walk of 13.1 miles with everyone finishing around 10:50 a.m. to gather for our monthly meeting lunch.

Deb and I were not up for 13, so we planned to do closer to 10. Arriving after everyone else had already started, we walked out for 75 min. then turned around. (Funny -- it took us only 74 min. to return!) I'm sure we were faster than a 15-min mile for most of the walk, so we definitely went farther than 10.

The day was beautiful though breezy and the trail was pretty. It heads out through farm land and without the trees that lined the trail as wind breaks for the farms, it would have been way too windy. In the sections without trees it was definitely windy! (And chilly!) Regardless, it was really nice to try a new walking location.

Thanks to Steve and Sharon for hosting us for lunch at their house! They really are fantastic hosts! (Sharon, I found the tea at Whole Foods.)

It was a fun way to spend an early Saturday.

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