Monday, April 26, 2010

The First Speedoman Sightings of the Season

I almost forgot to mention that I have already seen Speedoman this season -- twice!

Both times that I've seen him it has been past noon. He must be getting to the park later than he used to.

Though he is still pretty active (I've seen him twice) he wasn't running either time -- he was walking. In fact, he was walking pretty slowly. He seems to be carrying a little more weight than he used to.

But he is still out there and he is still wearing a Speedo. This year's color is grey.

I know spring is finally here when I've had my first Speedoman sighting!

I have been tempted to take a picture of Speedoman for this blog, but it just seems wrong to do without his permission. And wouldn't it be weird if I asked him if I could, and I found out he's been posting on his blog about how I'm stalking him?

Anyway, the picture is not really the suit he wears -- his is larger and a little baggier, however this is a Speedo. Now imagine something similar on an older man who is running/walking in the park...

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