Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wait for the Cucumbers

I like to cook, and lately I've been trying some recipes that require a lot more fresh vegetables. Tonight I made what sounded like a delicious cucumber, mint and feta salad. It also had radishes and red onions!

The problem was the cucumbers and radishes. Both of them were totally and completely tasteless! I love cucumbers -- they smell like spring. And I like that little bite radishes give everything.

In tonight's salad, the cucumbers and radishes tasted almost identical -- like absolutely nothing.

So, I'll probably try the recipe again sometime. But in the future, I'll make sure I use locally grown and flavorful veggies.

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jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel said...

I totally agree with you! Since we have been getting the weekly box of organic produce we have noticed an enormous difference in the taste from grocery store versus fresh produce. On the rare occasion we have to supplement from the store (even from Whole Foods!) we seem to get more texture than taste from that produce.

We are getting ready to plant our first edible garden too and are very excited about that.