Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 Miles -- More or Less

Today the Buckeye Striders were at Sharon Woods, one of my favorite places to walk. Though we are all training for half marathons, we are at slightly different distances this week. I needed 10 miles, others needed 8 or 4. The nice thing about Sharon Woods is that it is a loop, so it is fairly easy to meet up with people about an hour after you start.

Deb set the pace a little too fast for me at the start. She had warmed up for a mile and I hadn't. Still I worked pretty hard and kept up with her. After about 2 miles I ended up in front of her and she suddenly accused me of being too fast!

After about 4 miles, we ended up back at the start and met the other Striders starting at 8. When the rest joined us, we ended up splitting up by pace more than usual. Shock of all shocks, I ended up in one of the fast groups! (Let me clarify. This was a long slow distance day. The people I walked with were walking slow for them -- it was fast for me.)

So doing slightly fewer than 10 miles (I'm not sure exact distance), I finished in about 2:26. Every mile was faster than 15 min with the fastest 14:11, most about 14:30 and the last two alone were about 14:40. (I needed to slow a little those last 2 miles.)

It was a fun morning, I feel great, I think I burned about 1300 calories! Great start to the weekend!

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