Monday, August 23, 2010

Tonight's Surprises

  • When I got to Antrim Park it was almost too chilly for the sleeveless shirt I chose to wear. (I was freezing!)
  • I ran into my nephew David! The last time I ran into David at Antrim, we were both timing our laps and couldn't stop.
  • This time of year, if you walk hard enough to breathe through your mouth, you might swallow a bunch of gnats. (I did that tonight. Added protein?)
  • If you push your elbows back hard enough and it becomes second nature, you can walk faster!
  • Though I didn't feel I was pushing my hardest, I had a 13:32 mile!

The first lap was a bust because I ran into David about one-third of the way around the lake and we did stop to talk tonight. After that warm-up lap, lap two was 16:52 and lap three was 16:15 -- that equals a 14:03 min-mile and a 13:32! I was not walking my hardest, I was not breathing my hardest and my heart rate peak was only 145. Yea!!!

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