Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stress Reduction Through Walking

Because of a rough day at work, I decided that rather than just walk in the neighborhood, I needed a "destination." It always makes a walk better when I can go somewhere that feels special. Some of my favorite locations are Antrim Park around the lake, Sharon Woods and along the river at Griggs Reservoir. Today I needed the lake around Antrim Park.

The temps were mild (for August) and there was a lot less humidity, so walking was a little easier than it has been recently. The only problem was, I didn't sleep well last night, so my heart rate was in the zone with a lot less exertion. But then again, that is why I wear a heart rate monitor.

I did three laps around the lake for about 3.6 miles in 53:51 min for an average of about a 15-min mile. (I didn't sleep well, that makes sense.) My first lap was slower than a 15-min mile, I picked up the pace and the second lap was slightly under 15-min per mile, and the final lap was 17:37 for a 14:40 mile! Not bad considering I was tired!

So, I'm happy I was able to pick up the pace and walk harder than I have in a while, I generated some desperately needed endorphins, and I burned off my stress while walking in a beautiful location! This is now a much better day!

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