Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Walking Location

The Buckeye Striders walked at a new location today -- the Olentangy Trail beginning at the northern end near Worthing Hills. Normally, I don't like too much change -- if a park we plan to walk at is too far away or unknown to me, I tend to face it with a negative attitude. I'm embarrassed to say that I went to today's walk expecting not to like this location.

There was plenty of parking when we started at 7:30.

This end of the trail is beautiful! There are lots of trees, it seems somewhat secluded (though the trail goes behind office buildings), and it follows the Olentangy River. Before you get as far south as 161, there are houses a little ways off with beautiful back yards and some high school athletic fields lining the trail. It was interesting reaching parts of the trail we have previously passed coming from the other direction!

You can tell it is marathon season -- the trail was packed with thundering herds of marathon training groups! Today, the vast majority of the runners we encountered were very nice. I loved hearing the many voices saying "Good morning, walkers," and they ran past us. It was also funny hearing just bits and pieces of conversation as they went by."The next time you have an injury..." "And then she told him..." "Aren't those the cutest shorts?"

So the temps were mild, there was plenty of shade, the trail was beautiful and the others using the trail were friendly! So, I give two thumbs up to the Olentangy Trail at the Worthington Hills entrance. I'd definitely come back!

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