Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

It felt as if it really cooled down when I went for a walk after dinner this evening. Of course, it is the same trick in reverse when, after several days of sub-zero temps in the winter, temps in the high 20s feels warm.

My focus today was to push my arms back hard. Because I am always worried about my feet plodding instead of rolling while racewalking, I almost always forget to check my arms. After only a few minutes of pushing, I could tell I have not worked on my arms in a while -- they were tired!

I walked for only 36 minutes -- a slow warm up until I reached the large block down the street, two hard laps around the block, then a cool down back to the house and one lap around the cul de sac across from our house.

I did the first lap in 13:26 and the second in 12:36. It felt good to want to walk hard for a change! The humidity lately has very been draining. (I'm not sure how long a lap is.)

And I'm glad I was reminded to work my arms. For some reason, I always forget.

This is funny. Today I wore a pair of New Balance shoes I haven't worn in quite a while. The shoes are a little bit too light for me and the insoles bother my feet if I wear them too long. (I knew tonight's walk would be short.) What I had forgotten though, is that the insoles make the shoes squeak -- loudly! So as I zoomed around the neighborhood, encountering more neighbors than usual, my shoes were loud and obnoxious! No wonder I got so many weird looks.

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