Saturday, February 24, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

My training for the Country Music Half Marathon is a little bit off. Though I enjoy walking outside in Ohio winters, I have to admit it is more of the casual walking I like this time of year. It is amazing that my 5K PR is from a February race where the temps were in the single digits because I have trouble doing actual training walks in walking shoes outside in snow. (My boots are so much warmer!) I don't belong to a gym, don't own a treadmill and hate walking in malls.

I had planned my weekend around working on the magazine today and walking tomorrow. Today is beautiful. The sun is shining, the streets are thawed and there is no wind. It would be a pretty good day for a long training walk.

The forecasters say we are in for an ice storm tonight and there are more winter advisories for tomorrow already. Argh!

We are expecting visitors this afternoon and I think it is too late to squeeze in a couple of miles.

I really need to get out, I need to finish this issue and I need to be here for our visitors. It's hard to decide what to do!

I'll let you know how walking on ice goes tomorrow.

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