Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Walking in Snow

I was so excited Central Ohio got several inches of snow today, I couldn't wait to get out walking. Finally at about 7 p.m. I was ready to head out. The snow was dry and loose and big flakes were still falling. Anticipating that not many sidewalks would be clear, I bundled up in my old, ugly winter coat, my winter boots with thick wool socks, warm suede mittens, and I headed out the door. I also had my CD player with me. I am in the final chapters of a pretty good book.

As I approached my halfway point for a typical 30-minute walk, the snow had drifted in such a way I didn't see the curb. I fell forward and nearly landed on my face. Luckily, fluffy snow makes a sidewalk pretty soft and my landing was uneventful. I even laughed aloud. Unfortunately, my legs were covered with snow and I worried about it melting and becoming wet, so I turned around and went back. About this time my CD player suddenly stopped working. (It was safely in a pocket and never hit the ground.) It had never occurred to me that a CD player would get too cold, but apparently 13 degrees F is too cold. Even putting it inside my coat didn't warm it enough.

By the time I got back to my street, I had been out about 20 minutes, and my footprints were already starting to fill with snow.

I loved every step of my short snowy walk! If it has to be cold, we should at least have fluffy snow to walk in.

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