Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have been a dog owner most of my life. Since being married we've had 4 dogs -- two golden retrievers (deceased) and now a yellow lab and a mutt from the pound. All of our dogs have weighed over 60 lbs. -- "fragile" and "frail" are not words I would use to describe any of them.

Right now Columbus is being buried in snow. Ozzie the mutt and Rylee the lab LOVE snow! It's fun watching them chase each other around the yard and tackle each other in the white stuff! If it was Ozzie's choice, he would be in the snow all day.

We recently acquired my mom's 10-year-old, 10 lb. toy poodle named Nay Nay. (I didn't name the dog, but that is not the embarrassing part.) Today, TWICE, I was seen shoveling snow from my grass so the little dog can walk out in the yard.

Now THAT is embarrassing!

Seriously, Nay Nay is a very sweet dog. It's quite a bit different having a "lap" dog who is actually small enough to fit in my lap. The other two are extremely jealous. I would do almost anything for her right now -- even shovel snow from my yard.

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