Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sometimes I'm Crazy

Central Ohio was under a snow emergency for over 24 hours. I'm not sure how much snow fell, but the "snow shoveler" in the family says it was under a foot.

It was sunny earlier today, so I decided to walk to the post office, bank and greeting card store (it's Valentine's Day). The neighborhood street has two tire ruts down the middle and very few sidewalks were cleared. Well, our street NEVER gets plowed, so I was not phased. I walked in a tire rut until I came to the busy street I knew would be clear. It was.

What I had not thought through was how I would cross the big patch of grass at the side of the road I normally walk through or how I would get near the corner to cross the streets. The snow had drifted to several inches higher than a foot. At the intersection, the snow was even higher because of the plowing. I really wanted to get some mail out, and I really needed to deposit some money. I trudged on, trying to cut through parking lots where possible, but unable to jaywalk anywhere to avoid the intersections. A couple of times I got caught at a dead end and had to come up with a new route -- the snow was too high to walk through and there was no way around. In some places the top of the snow was thick and crusty enough it held my weight. Unfortunately, I fell through once or twice in the really deep stuff.

I got to my destinations exhausted. I'm not used to working so hard just to walk.

Though the drivers looked at me with pity, I had fun, even when I fell through the deep snow. My socks and pants were wet when I got home, but it was just nice to be outside walking.


Tom Smith said...

You need a pair of snow shoes.

Cindi said...