Sunday, February 28, 2010

Challenging Snowy Walk

I prefer to have Sundays be my rest days. Unfortunately, I've had to get my mileage in on Sundays the last few weeks. Today was no exception, though I didn't walk as far as scheduled.

I finally had some free time this afternoon, it was sunny and the temps were in the mid-30s. So I went off to Antrim Park to get in a few miles. I didn't know for sure how clear the trails would be, so I wore my boots and a heavy winter coat.

It was definitely the right choice! The paved portion around one edge of the lake was clear, but the gravel trail the rest of the way around the lake was not clear at all. The snow was pretty thick and difficult to walk in. I had a completely different workout than I had expected. With each step my feet slipped and slid working my legs in all different ways. It felt fantastic.

It also took a lot longer to complete each lap -- nearly 24 minutes each. When the weather is good, I make it around a good 7 minutes per lap faster.

So, though I didn't get in the mileage I had intended, it was still a good workout!

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