Saturday, July 11, 2009

7.6 Miles Saturday Morning

We started our 7.6-mile training walk at 6:45 Saturday morning in Sharon Woods. Why 7.6? Well, one training schedule said 7 miles, one said 8 miles and Sharon Woods is a 3.8-mile loop.

I like to know how fast I'm going and how far I've walked. (I tend to be a little bit of a statistics freak at times.) Because it was supposed to be a long slow day for us, our goal was to walk between 14:30 and 15 min per mile. I have a very hard time starting out at a good pace -- it takes me a while to warm up, but I can finish strong. Some of my walking buddies tend to start out too fast, and then slow down as we go. Somehow we try to compromise.

This week (again) we ran into other members of our walking club during our second lap, which caused us to slow, stop, make plans for breakfast and move on. Unfortunately, I don't know how to pause my chrono, so the third mile of our last lap is inaccurate.

About half-way through the last 0.8-mile section, Elaine and I tried to sprint. It felt great to push toward the end!
First lap
Mile 1 14:58
Mile 2 14:56
Mile 3 15:03
0.8 Mile 12:14 (too slow -- 15:17 for a full mile)
Second Lap
Mile 1 14:23
Mile 2 14:46
Mile 3 16:15*
0.8 Mile 11:30** (14:22 for a full mile)
Total 1:54***

*Came across two other members of the Buckeye Striders, and we slowed to say hi.
**Elaine and I tried to sprint for the last half mile or so.
***Not quite right because we stopped to drink water at the water fountain.

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