Friday, July 03, 2009

Pedestrian Pulled Over by Cop

On my way to Antrim Park today, I was following a police car on the narrow hilly road. Suddenly the car turned on its flashing lights, stopped in the road, and rolled down the window to talk to a pedestrian.

I've never seen this before and could not figure out why the cop had stopped the athletic looking woman in running gear wearing headphones. After a short conversation, the woman crossed the road to walk facing traffic and took off one side of the headphones to have one ear free.

Though annoyed at first to be stopped and not be able to pass, once she crossed the road and I realized what had happened, I was happy the cop talked to her. I'm sure having a cop stop you with his lights flashing to discuss walking facing traffic would have to have an impact.

To this cop I just want to say thanks for caring enough to stop!

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