Sunday, July 26, 2009

Importance of Hydration and Nutrition

Many Central Ohio walkers were at Fleet Feet last week for a nutrition and hydration clinic presented by Steven Devor of OSU. Dr. Devor is with the Health and Exercise Science Program, and Department of Physiology and Cell Biology and Department of Human Nutrition. I know that is a mouthful, but his credentials are important.

I was surprised to learn how much of an impact good hydration can have on performance. Not consuming enough water, carbs and electrolytes can negatively affect your performance by as much as 25%! Not being hydrated can also cause heat exhaustion.

He also said that it is important to consume an electrolyte replacement and carbs during a race. If you choose to drink Gatorade, diluting it will slow its absorption. If you don't like drinks, gels and other products are just as good.

Dr. Devor gave a lot more great information. Check out his PowerPoint presentation here.

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Radhika Ganesh said...

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