Monday, July 20, 2009

Preparing to Walk in the Rain

Today my training schedule called for an easy 4 miles.

On my way home from work, I was positive it would rain while I was out walking. So, what should I wear in the rain? It was about 70 degrees and overcast, so getting wet would be cold. I opted for a short-sleeved technical shirt, shorts and a denim hat to keep off as much rain as possible.

Prepared for the weather, I head off to Antrim Park -- there are a lot of trees around the lake, giving me the best opportunity to avoid getting totally soaked.

The first lap's time means nothing -- I got distracted and didn't start it on time. The second 1.2-mile lap was 17:50 with the third 17:34. I did the last lap at a 14:38 pace. I was not pushing hard, just walking at a comfortable pace! On top of that, no rain!

The thunderstorm didn't hit until after I was home safe and sound. Maybe I should dress for the potential weather more often.

Note: Though the schedule said 4 miles, I walked 3.6 timed, and about 0.4 to and from the car. I use the distance to the car as my warm up and cool down. And I always use these slow days to practice racewalking form. It felt pretty smooth!

Tomorrow: Speed workout.

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