Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walking Through my Cold

Took a short walk yesterday and ended up coughing hard. So today I tried to take it easy, yet I still wanted to get in a little bit of distance. My solution was to walk a slow 3 miles.

I walked the 1 mile to the library leaving the option open whether I would do a lap at the park or not. I felt fine, not tired at all, so I walked around the park then head on home.

About a quarter mile from home I decided to pick up the pace and see what would happen. Once I started breathing hard, the coughing fits started. The weird thing is, it actually felt good -- like it was good for my lungs to be clearing. (I'm sorry, that was gross.)

The good news is, I didn't feel tired. But like I said, it did cause coughing.

My plan is to gradually get back into my regular training program this week and be able to do distance on Saturday. So tomorrow let's see how I do on hills!


Nyle said...

It is always hard getting back into training again after being sick. Good on you for still being out there. Fresh air in your lungs probably did you the world of good and yes...cleared out the old from the lungs. Hope your next walk is easier.

Cindi said...

Thanks! My family is concerned my cough is not going away fast enough and has requested I see a doctor. I'll call tomorrow.