Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hills Tonight

We've been doing our hill workouts at Griggs Reservoir in Central Ohio for several months. I was curious how far we have actually been walking, since I don't have GPS (yet). I went to MapMyWalk and in the satellite view drew our route, mapped below.

So each rep -- up one hill, down the next and returning to start -- is half a mile! So each time we do 4 reps, we end up walking 2 miles. We go a little farther than half a mile warm up and cool down. Not a bad midweek workout.

From looking at the elevation, the hills are not intense, but repeating the hills has helped our in-race performance.


NOTE: Did not cough more than twice during walk. My lungs felt pretty good. But as soon as I got back into the car, coughing resumed. I'm considering heading to the doctor tomorrow.

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