Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Practicing What We eat During a Race

A friend did a solo 8-mile walk this past Sunday to get ready for the upcoming Parkersburg Half Marathon this August. I've been telling her how much I love Clif Shot Bloks, and she decided to try them during the walk.

After about 4 miles she popped a Cran Razz blok and immediately felt better. Unfortunately, a few minutes later she ended up with a stomach ache. At first she thought that she just needed to eat more, and eventually popped another blok. A little while later she had a terrible stomach ache! She felt pretty bad by the time she was done walking.

This is a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is the Clif Bloks I love don't work for her. The good news is, she found out now, several weeks BEFORE the race, not at mile 8 of the race.

She still has a couple of weeks to see what will work for her. She likes granola, and we have been talking about ways for her to get electrolytes if that is what she decides to eat during the race. I'm just relieved she discovered this problem with plenty of time to work it out.

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