Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hills Again

This is starting to be old hat -- Wednesday is hills. But as long as my friends and I continue to sign up for half marathons that are hilly, we'll have to keep it up.

Though today was humid, it wasn't hot. I wore shoes that were halfway between the lightest shoes I have and the cushiest stiffest pair. I wore the cushy stiff pair last week as a way to recover from walking too far in the light pair, and it made my shins ache. To help with the normal shin pain I get trying to warm up, I walked for a while before Deb arrived and tried some new shin stretches. The pain wasn't bad.

Today's workout was pretty good! We did 4 reps on the hills with a half-mile warm up and half-mile cool down. We walked for about an hour total, but because it was hills I'm not quite sure of the distance.

I went to Map My Walk to check the mileage and I inadvertently created a new profile. Not sure how I screwed that up!

I'm hoping to get into a regular training schedule of speed, hills, LSD and tempo days.

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