Thursday, January 07, 2010

Above and Beyond

When I got home this evening, it had been snowing for quite a while and the white stuff in the driveway was deep. I knew I would not want to walk through that snow to get into my car in the morning, so I dragged out a snow shovel and cleared the driveway around my car and the sidewalk leading to the porch.

I could not believe how light the snow was! It was so easy to shovel, I decided to keep going until I felt tired. Well, I cleared the entire driveway and got partway down the sidewalk when I finally quit. It took less than 30 min.! Who needs a teenaged son!

After dinner I felt so energetic, I decided to go for a walk. It was still snowing and about a third of my neighbors did not shovel their sidewalks, so I wore my typical winter boots and heavy winter coat. I discovered a lot of my neighbors have snow blowers. I bet they were happy about the day's snow.

Though the clear sections were easy to walk on, I kind of enjoyed walking in the snow. It gave my legs a different type of workout. The walking was a little more difficult and I did not get nearly as far as I normally do in 30 min. It didn't feel very cold and there was no wind. And I really like the way snow muffles extraneous noise. It was a good workout both mentally and physically.

Note: I figured all of you have seen plenty of my photos of snow, so I didn't take any.
Calorie calculators online say I burned 180 calories shoveling snow, and my HR monitor says I burned 207 walking. I may have to make some hot chocolate!

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