Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fitness Challenge -- 100 Pushups

As I've noted here before, I have NO upper body strength. I've just about given up on doing even one pull up (I can still do only half of one). I've tried to lift light weights and do other exercises, but it's just not enough to keep me going.

I'm hoping that signing up to do the 100 Push Ups Training Program will give me a reason to follow through. (It might work. Signing up for half marathons is the only thing that keeps me walking.) If that doesn't work, my 16-year-old son has bet me $20 that I won't be able to do it -- now that is incentive!

The program on the website is pretty straight forward and seems doable.

So, this weekend, my son and husband and I will do the initial test and we will start the program on Monday. I'll keep you posted on our results!


Anonymous said...

I am excited for you guys! Let us know how it goes!


Nyle said...

100 full push ups...or can you do lady ones? Gosh I can barely do 3 and even when I was body building I could only ever do 15.....well done to you....I too will watch with excitement to see you do it.

Cindi said...

Because of our son's wrestling schedule, we just did the preliminary test to determine which schedule you follow last night. I did 1. (You have to go all the way to the floor, and I couldn't get back up more than once.) Lenny did 20. And our son did 26, but started not going all the way to floor, so the others weren't being counted.

I asked them if I could have a couple extra weeks and they agreed. Whew!