Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You Have it Within You to Be Amazing

My friend Larry has a great blog called Walking the Talk with LarryWalksFast at http://larrywalksfast.wordpress.com/. Though he claims that writing is hard for him, you'd never know it. His information is good and presented well. You'll love it!

His wife Andrea is also a very talented writer. She recently did a guest blog posting, "You Have It Within You to Be Amazing." After reading that blog post, I am starting to feel inspired to do another marathon this year for my 50th birthday. (You may recall that I previously had decided against doing one.) And I'm feeling inspired to try a few other things I've been putting off. I can't wait to get home and DO something!

If you ever need your own personal cheerleader to encourage you to get out and walk, enter a race, set big goals or even to skip the Wendy's Bacon Blue Cheeseburger you are dying for (am I revealing too much here?) this blog post will help. I'm planning to print it out and keep it where I can read it often.

Thank you Larry and Andrea!

You can also follow Larry and Andrea on Twitter: @LarryWalksFast and @AndreaApplegate.


Renee said...

Great article. no walk today-cold with wind chill any news on shirts for Ariz?

Cindi said...

Renee -- The arrangements with the shirt supplier fell through. I'll go ahead and contact the previous shirt supplier (the one who made the green shirts) if that is OK with you two.

Anonymous said...

Cindi, thanks for the kind words, and the plug of the blog. Andrea and I are having fun with it - when we are not killing each other over it.

Cracks me up that you are thinking about the 100 pushup challenge. That is SO cool! Now THAT takes some dedication! Let us know if you start, and more importantly, your progess.

Thanks again! Larry