Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finding a Healthy Lunch Salad

I have got to quit going to Panera. Why? Well, as I was preparing to write this post I noticed that for years I have been complaining on this blog about the company's salads. I went to Panera just this week and things have not really changed. Even the reduced fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing has 130 calories.

So I am planning to avoid Panera salads. If I forget, I will not complain here. (Promise.)

Where will I go instead? Noodles and Company.

At Noodles and Company all of the entree-sized salads without meat are under 500 calories. The only salads even remotely close to 500 calories are the Caesar and a peanut salad that is not available in Central Ohio. My favorite is the Med salad with a very tasty creamy tzatziki dressing. It has kalamata olives and feta and is still only 320 calories. The entree size really is entree size.

I keep wondering, how is it that some restaurants can offer delicious, low-calorie salad selections and others find it nearly impossible?

Obviously, there are tons of places that cannot do salads well. Can't even believe that McDonald's gave it a try. Still, I keep holding out hope for Panera. It's probably why I keep going back and why I keep sending e-mails saying they aren't there yet.

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