Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trails were Thawed!

I met my friends at Sharon Woods park this morning at 7:30 to be sure to get 6 miles in. My car said the temperature was 34 degrees, but after the cold spell we had most of the month, it felt really warm!

Though most of the trail was clear of snow, we were there early enough that there was a very thin layer of ice in spots.

We walked straight out for 1 mile then turned around to the start to meet the rest of the walking club members. There were a ton of us there!

We did 6 miles in about 1:28.
Mile 1 - 14:44
Mile 2 - 15:06 (stood around for about 20 secs waiting for others)
Mile 3 - 14:36
Mile 4 - 14:36
Mile 5 - 14:19
Mile 6 - 14:30

My peak heart rate was 162 and the average was 134. I might not have the correct HR monitor for me. though it tells me the average HR for each mile, I can't tell how long I was in each "zone". I think would be helpful.

Regardless, today I'm happy because my new asics jacket worked great with only one technical shirt under it. I opened the side vents after just a short amount of time. It was a really good morning to walk.

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