Friday, January 01, 2010

Last Year's Resolutions -- Success?

Last year I made some public and not-so-public New Year's resolutions. I decided to look them up and see how successful I was. Here are the results:

1) Walk five days a week most weeks of the year. -- Didn't make five as often as I wanted, but did make it four days most weeks.
2) Enter some judged racewalks. -- There were conflicts and the Buckeye Striders did not host the 1-hour racewalk we usually host.
3) Walk faster. -- YES!!! I reached my half marathon PR at Air Force half this year! Woo hoo!
4) Teach some old dogs new tricks. -- They all need to bark less, one needs to be outside more. -- Nope. Though let the little blind dog outside more, she still has issues with being "house broken." Can't get the barking to reduce either.
5) Eat more fruits and vegetables. -- Yes! discovered I really like honeycrisp apples and ate lots of them this year. Also found some delicious oranges early on. We put more veggies in our main dishes and had a lot more salads with dinner.
6) Reduce stress. -- Partially successful. I had a horrible deadline at the beginning of the year and lost weight due to the stress. After that book was finished, life was better.
7) Work less. -- Partially successful. After meeting that really tough deadline, I did work less.
8) Be more decisive. -- I'm not sure. I might have been more decisive -- I might not have.
9) Sleep more. -- Yes, I did sleep more, just not consistently enough.
10) Spend more time with friends. -- I did, but not some friends I specifically had in mind, like Tammy.
11) Manage my time better. (Less time on Twitter?) -- I was moderately successful with this one. And I did spend way too much time on Twitter, though I did try to cut back a little.

After I post this, I guess I better come with up resolutions for 2010!


Wendee said...

Resolutions are tough to decide on, and even more tough to look back on (I think yours is the only one I've seen so far!). Best wishes for 2010 - we/I'll be here to help you along in whatever non-distracting way we can! ;-)

Cindi said...

Thanks for the support!