Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wow -- Out Walking Again in Frigid Temps!

Today marks my third day out walking in frigid temps. I'm not quite sure how cold it was -- but I believe it was in the 20s. It has been snowing lightly for a few days and some sidewalks were shoveled and others were not, so it just was not a good day to racewalk. Instead, I wore boots and a heavy winter coat.

I was out for only 35 min., but it felt good. I walked at least 2 miles and the workout was a of a medium intensity. I could feel it, but I didn't sweat and I wasn't working super hard. The temps were dropping while I was out and it was a lot colder when I finished than when I started.

It's supposed to be even colder this weekend. I think I'll be ready.

According to my heart rate monitor, I burned 277 calories in that walk. Hmmm.

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