Monday, January 11, 2010

Walking in the Dark ... I Mean in the Light

The best thing about walking at night in the winter is ... it's never really dark! There is so much snow right now it reflects what little light came from porch lights and headlights of cars.

I couldn't find either of my reflective vests and my winter coat is a very dark blue, so I was a little worried walking tonight. Once outside, I could not believe how light it was. I wore one of my headlamps, but it was totally unnecessary.

Though most of the sidewalks were fairly clear, there was one whole block in front of rentals that had not been shoveled. It was OK because it made my workout more intense.

The route that normally takes 25 min. when I racewalk, and took 31 min. last week, took 37 min. tonight. It felt great! 

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