Monday, February 15, 2010

Love/Hate Chipotle

I took a couple kids to Chipotle the other day. (They are athletes and had burned a ton of calories that day.) We all ordered our burrito bols and burritos and went back to our house to eat. We got home and all I kept thinking is, this is the smallest Chipotle burrito I have ever seen! All of the burritos seemed smaller than usual.

One of my biggest complaints about Chipotle is that the burritos are too big. They are so large, the calorie count is really more than enough for two meals. You can check the calories on the Chipotle Fan web site:

So, I find it funny that the first time I get a more reasonably sized burrito -- I was disappointed. After I thought about it a minute, I was happy. Chipotle burritos are a weakness for me. The last time I ordered one, I was able to split it and eat it for two meals. I don't often have that kind of self control, so it was nice having the decision taken out of my hands.

So, again, I feel like a hypocrite. I love Chipotle -- but the burritos are just too much!

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