Thursday, February 04, 2010

The (Maybe) Buckeye Strider Race this Weekend.

The Buckeye Striders is planning its first ever race. The purpose of the race is to give our members an opportunity to do a long-distance race in the winter and to keep up our training. Though we originally planned it to be a half-marathon, we lost track of time for training, and settled for a 10-mile race.

The first scheduled date was last Sunday. It was so cold out, we canceled and re-scheduled for this upcoming Sunday. We have a prediction for heavy snow this weekend, so we may have to postpone again.

We were trying pretty hard to plan a race route that would be as close to 10 miles as possible without having to be USATF certified, or to avoid actually measuring it. Our solution is to use the trails at Sharon Woods. Not only is it a loop course, there is water available, there are shelters for after the race and there are mile markers!

The race will start at 9. Participants should be at Sharon Woods (first parking lot on left) no later than 8:45. We will have a main stop watch, numbers and food after the race. (With any luck, we will also have a fire.) You will need to carry your own water. The race is free.

If you are in Central Ohio and think you might be interested, please send an e-mail to me so we can keep you updated. Be sure to check your e-mail that morning to be sure the race is still on.

I hope we will see you Sunday - weather permitting!

The picture of the 1 mile marker was taken today about 6 p.m. at Sharon Woods. I just had to check that it was there.

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