Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Too Much Snow to Walk

There was way too much snow over the last few days for me to walk. Because the Arizona Distance Classic is more for fun than for time, I'm not too terribly worried. I know I can finish -- I just won't be fast.

In the meantime I am continuing to ride my exercise bike for 30 min at a time and I am in the second week of the 100 Push Up Challenge. I did a total of 28 push ups today with a final set of 9. (Only 7 were required, but I did 9!) The push ups don't burn a lot of calories while I'm doing them, but I know that eventually building more muscle will help me to burn more calories every day. (Then I can eat more!)

I am watching what I eat, which is pretty hard for me. I should clarify here -- I have been good at making healthy food choices 85% of the time for years, but I love foods that are bad for me! I'm feeling hungry, but I'm not starving. It is probably psychosomatic. I'm going to have to find a wider range of fruits and veggies to eat or I will get bored pretty quick.

It was a little warmer today -- I think it reached 32 degrees. And knowing how typical Ohio goes, the snow could melt tomorrow or in April. We might be done with snow for the season, or it might snow again next week. I'll just hope for the best and go with the flow.

(Side note here: I know almonds are good for me and will help to control appetite. I also know I'm not good at portion control. So, I bought a jar of almonds, cashews and dried cranberries and measured out 1/4 cup portions. I put the nuts in individual-serving plastic containers. Now I can take some with me and I'm not tempted to eat half the jar. Each 1/4 cup is about 130 calories.)

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