Thursday, February 04, 2010

Weird Things I do...

As the Buckeye Striders plan the 10-mile race this weekend, we had a lot of discussion about the course.

I wrote instructions that said, "Go clockwise until you reach the 1-mile mark." We've been there a lot, but there was some confusion. The instructions that were sent out said to go clockwise until you reach the 3-mile mark.

So, to be absolutely positive that the marker I think is there is actually there, I went out to Sharon Woods tonight to check about 5:40.

I walked clockwise around the trail, and as expected, at 0.8 miles I encountered the 3-mile marker from the other direction. It started getting a little dark, so I picked up the pace and was thrilled there is a 1-mile marker just where I want it to be! Yea!

I turned around to head back. It's funny how much darker it is at this park when you are in the midst of the pine tree section around dusk! Though the walk was uneventful, and I got the info I needed, I should be just a little more careful about what time of night I start walking in public parks.

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