Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking Larry Up on His Bet

OK, I decided to take LarryWalksFast up on his bet. I'm betting that I can lose 10 lbs by June 1 and keep it off for a year.

As many people know, I've been wanting to get down to 120 for a couple of years. The last time I was at 120, I was training for a full marathon and not really paying attention to what I ate. The truth is, I eat better automatically when I'm in training, I just don't count calories well. And when you are walking a lot of miles every week, the junk doesn't do much damage. (I eat a lot more veggies, too, I just don't stop eating foods I like.)

So, why do I want to lose weight? There are couple of reasons. I don't like the way I look in photos -- especially photos of me sitting. I have a layer of fat that very few people have ever seen -- or will see. I recently found the results of my last physical which said that my cholesterol was slightly high and losing weight would help. (How did I forget that.) And I want to racewalk faster. I am positive that the 10 lbs will help me be faster. In addition, in order to burn extra calories, I will be walking more, so that too will help me be a faster walker.

I'm not good at being told what to do or being nagged. I tend to rebel when forced into something. However, a bet makes this a challenge. If someone thinks I can't do something, well, I will do whatever it takes to prove that person wrong.

So, you are on Larry! I will lose 10 lbs (it might be 12 lbs by now) and get down to 120 by June 1 and I will keep it off for an entire year. (You do realize that is less than a pound a week, right?) Have your money waiting.

Check out Larry's blog at: http://larrywalksfast.wordpress.com/2010/02/08/just-checking-in/.
You can also follow him on Twitter at @LarryWalksFast.


Tammy said...

Good for you!!! OK, I'll sweeten the deal :). If you can lose the 10 lb by the deadline, I'll get you a pair of socks for racewalking - your choice, under $10 - and if you keep it off for a year (stay within 2 lb of your goal at all times!) I'll get you another pair :).

I'd like to lose 5 lb myself. Hmmmm...maybe I should promise Larry I'd do it?

Larry said...

Wow, this is great Cindi! We will have to work out the details. Did you want in on the dinner at the end of the year with my other buddies in the bet, or the straight up $20 offer? And, if Tammy throws in the socks, this is getting good!

That is funny Tammy about the 5pounds. I think I recall you on the Today Show discussing some weight loss accomplishment! This is a walk in the park for you, so to speak.


Tammy said...


Yeah, it's that last 5 lb that I keep losing & gaining back... the 100 is staying off just fine :). It's been harder with my injury, too. It's not actually easy to keep off that last 5. But that's OK. I am maintaining the 100 and that's what counts.

Cindi said...

Hey Larry,

I'm on some tight deadlines at work and wrestling season is almost over (last few tournaments still coming up), so I haven't had a chance to re-read your blog post about the weight challenge. I'll let you know in a couple of days. (I think I want to do what everyone else is doing.)

Cindi said...


I'm in! If I am unsuccessful at losing the weight or keeping it off, I will buy you your choice of socks.

Tammy said...

OK, sounds good to me :).

Cindi said...


I'm glad you clarified the 5 lb. issue with Larry. I was wondering about that myself.