Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After re-reading my posts about sabotage and skipping walking this past weekend, I decided I needed to be more vigilant. I originally planned to try walking at one of the local parks, but didn't want to drive out there only to find there was too much snow. So, I put on my boots and winter coat and walked in the neighborhood instead.

At a steady pace, it took about an hour to walk the same distance I normally do in 35-40 minutes. I couldn't go very fast, but I did try to stay consistent. Many of the sidewalks were very clear and some had not been shoveled at all even after last week's snow fall. If it wasn't too deep, I walked right through, otherwise I temporarily walked in the street.

My heart rate did not get up very high, but I could definitely feel my legs. This type of walking is quite a bit different from racewalking! 

So, I rode the antique exercise bike yesterday, I ate healthy all day, and I did push ups and walked this evening. I'm working on overcoming the saboteurs.

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