Monday, February 22, 2010

Short Walk Today -- Starting to Lose Weight

Funny how though it was relatively warm today, I actually felt pretty chilly walking tonight. I think part of the reason it was feeling cold is that it is really damp out there! It was a little warmer today and rained a little, so most of the sidewalks were pretty clean. Unfortunately, the one sidewalk that had a ton of snow also hid the fact that there was a huge puddle I ended up stepping in. (I survived.)

In addition to training for the half marathon in Tucson, I am trying to burn extra calories every single day. When I'm in full-blown training mode it isn't difficult. With this weather, I'm having a little bit harder time getting in the weekday miles I'd like to get in. So I've been riding the exercise bike and getting in some casual walking miles just to keep moving.

It's working (in addition to paying more attention to what I eat). I've lost about a pound and a half so far. I probably should clarify. Before I agreed to Larry's challenge, I kept gaining and losing the same 2 lbs. I lost it and was down to 130 when I accepted the challenge. So, for the challenge I've lost about 1.5, which is the first time I've been below 130 in a while. But over the last 3 weeks I've actually lost 3.5. My goal weight is 120.


Larry said...

Keep it going, Cindi. Keep working on what you eat. But, I would just try to change one or two things per month. Don't make too many changes at once. Do small positive things and make them a habit.

Get down to 120? Wow, that seems too light for you.

Habits. Create good habits!


Cindi said...

I was wondering if 120 would be too light before I made the decision. I did a little research, and for my height and frame I should be fine. I also talked to my husband about it. I have a history of warped body image issues and he knows to watch for signs. He said he'd let me know if I'm getting too thin.

I'm also working on building upper body strength, so if I build enough muscle (HA!) 120 will be too light.

Thanks for the concern!