Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Getting in an Extra Mile

Elaine, Deb and I met today for our mid-week walk. Though we usually do hills, the last couple of weeks, we've done a little distance instead.

Today, we started at the 0.5 mile mark on the road at Griggs Reservoir, and went north toward Lane Road. The mile markers go up to 2 miles, yet the road goes a little farther. (We go to the end.) We then turn around to go to the starting point. After reaching the 0.5-mile mark, I decided I really wanted to head to the 0 mark and back to add another mile. I was thrilled that Elaine decided to go, too.

I'm glad I added the extra mile -- I really needed it. And since it was a balmy 42 degrees outside today, it even felt spring like!

It was a good day for walking!

Note: I did not feel that I was working especially hard today. We were walking at a brisk pace and there were some slight hills, but nothing strenuous. When I got home and reviewed the results on my HR monitor, it said my peak HR reached 185 BPM! I'm not quite sure how that could happen considering I was working my hardest Saturday, and only reached a peak of 177. Tests also said my max HR is 185. Is that possible? I decided today that I really need to get a book about the best use of HR monitors.

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