Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Full Day of Dave

I am BEAT! The good news is, Dave says I'm doing a lot of stuff right. The bad news is, the one thing I'm not doing, pushing off with my back foot, I have no idea how to do.

What is frustrating is, my friend Deb and I trained to be in shape for this clinic. We were not going to be the people who couldn't walk a quarter mile. We did 6 miles last week in training and felt great!

Well, with new technique, using new muscles, a quarter mile wipes me out! The second lap around the track, and I'm exhausted! It doesn't matter how many times Dave says "Quick, quick," I can't make my legs go any faster.

In today's clinic his wife Loretta taught us some training drills, and man, those were hard! I'll need to do them at least twice a week to benefit.

I know I'm learning a lot of new stuff and new movements, I hope my half-marathon training doesn't screw me up.

A group of us are off to a bar with food for dinner. (We had trouble deciding, plus it is a Saturday night and places get crowded...) I need lots of carbs, and I see at least one Corona in my immediate future.

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Tammy said...

If it makes you feel any better, the push off my back leg was about the last thing I figured out. It took a while, because I had to get my knees straight first and my posture more upright. I could only focus on one technique change at a time, and the push was the last thing I got to. Well worth it though - because it helps you be fast!!! Have fun!