Sunday, August 10, 2008

Twitter Update

OK, I'm doing Twitter. I have one public Twitter account with 4 followers and one private account with 4 followers. I used to have 5 in my public account, but someone recently stopped following me.

I will continue to use Twitter and post stuff, but I really do not think the WALK! readership is into this type of technology. Shoot, not many of them even follow this blog! (OK, Wendee does both.)

Imagine what would happen if I ended up going to a totally paperless magazine! Ha!


Dixie said...

What is twitter? I check your blog everyday. I've left maybe 1 or 2comments. I always wonder what I could accomplish if I had your dedication to walk year round.

Southern IN
(where it seems to be fall)

Cindi said...

Twitter is a way to communicate in short bursts of information. It's not like a blog, and it's not like immediate messaging.

I first mentioned Twitter about a two weeks ago, and Andrea responded with a pretty good description.

My WALK! Magazine Twitter is open and anyone is invited to follow me. The other one is just intended for a couple friends of mine and is closed.

Go to and search for WALK Magazine.