Friday, August 15, 2008

Tight Muscle

OK, I know better. You can't take two days off in a row during long-distance training and expect to have no ill affects.

I decided to walk this morning since scheduling my training in the evenings has been so unsuccessful this week. I got up around 7, and was out the door around 7:45.

The plan was to walk casually until I got to the big block at the end of the street, then start my racewalking training. As soon as I started to walk, I felt a tug in the front of my thigh muscle. I thought it would go away before I tried to racewalk, but it didn't. Even after reaching my starting point, I continued walking casually until the pain went away -- 20 min later. Again I attempted to racewalk, and it came right back. 10 more minutes of casually walking, and I was finally able to attempt racewalking form, but VERY slowly.

So out of a 45-min walk, I was able to racewalk about 15 min. Needless to say, my projected distance of about 3 miles was nowhere close to reality.

NOTE TO SELF: Do not get lazy and skip two workouts in a row ever again. It just is not worth it!

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