Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great Column

I've been working on Dave McGovern's Fall 08 column all day. Normally it takes about 10 min to edit Dave and another 10 to lay out his column. Today I've been at this for hours. But I know all of the extra time I'm putting into it will be worth it.

Any of you who have been to one of Dave's clinics have probably learned a variety of drills to assist with building great racewalking muscles. This issue's column focuses on some of his most popular drills. And lucky for us, he took some fantastic photographs to go with it! (Even if you have never been to one of his clinics, you will benefit from these drills.)

So, when you get your Fall issue, be sure to think about how much extra work Dave caused me by going above and beyond the call of duty!

And hey, if you haven't yet subscribed to WALK, you still have time to sign up and get the Fall issue. Click here now:

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