Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weird Lunch

Periodically you just know the fast food restaurant has your order wrong before you even get to the window. Today was one of those days.

I had a bagel I packed and stopped to pick up a small salad and a Diet Coke from a drive thru. (I know it isn't good for me, but I love Diet Coke.)

After ordering I checked to see that the order screen said Diet Coke. And, when the woman at the window handed me my drink I asked, "Is this diet?" She said Yes.

I got to the park, picked a great table in the shade, took a big gulp of my drink -- ARGH! It was regular Coke. It isn't that I count calories, I just don't like the taste of regular Coke. I know -- it's weird, but regular pop tastes too sweet to me.

I opened my bag to start on the salad and discovered there were no croutons. Hmm. The fork and napkins were also missing! (I tried to eat the salad with my fingers, but it didn't work very well.) I wonder if it was the first week for that employee.

Anyway, I ended up eating the bagel without a drink and saving the salad for when I got back to my office. And luckily there was a Diet Coke waiting for me in the fridge.

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Dixie said...

Been there done that. It infuriates me when I open my sack and my order is wrong or no utensils. It's just about broke me of drive thru's...well at least till tomorrow. Just kidding. Anymore I go inside and check my order before I walk out. I'd have to say it's bad training but then some of it is common sense.