Saturday, August 09, 2008

Trails were PACKED Today!

The Buckeye Striders met to walk on the multi-use trail along the Olentangy River this morning. I knew this trail was popular, but I have NEVER seen so many people on this trail before. There were hundreds of people!

It made me feel as if I was part of something special. It was so fun to be walking (with good racewalking form) and wave to the marathon training groups heading the opposite direction, pass some of the casual walkers who were alone, and then be passed by the individual runners who peppered the trail. We saw several people we knew who were training with other groups including Joyce, Jeff and Stuart. How fun!

At one point, we passed a group of walkers and someone said - Those are Speed walkers! And we heard a couple comments about how fast we were and our form. It was great, even if they didn't realize we were "racewalking."

I felt a little sorry for the bikers. There was barely enough room for them to go around the groups of athletes heading in both directions.

The trail was beautiful, too. It was nice and cool when we started at 7:30, and most of the route was shady with nice light breezes.

What a great start to the weekend!

We did nearly 8 miles (7.75?) getting ready for the New Albany Walking Classic Half Marathon in September. I felt strong for about 6 miles, then started to peter out.

Good luck to the Marathon in Training athletes preparing for the Columbus Marathon in October!

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