Monday, August 25, 2008

Hiking Anyone?

Part of my "job" as editor of WALK! Magazine is to try walking shoes. Normally, this goes two ways: 1) I go to a running store, try lots of shoes, buy the pair that is perfect for the type of walking I do, then write about them (and get my readers to do the same), 2) shoe manufacturers send me what they think are "walking" shoes, and I con my friends into trying pairs with me.

For the fall issue, I posted on HARO (Help a Reporter Out) that I was looking for shoes to review. A couple hiking shoe companies volunteered to send sample shoes. I wasn't sure if I should go that route, but what they heck. Hiking is walking, and we have lots of readers who hike. (Me included.) I am happy to say that my reviewers have liked every single pair of hiking shoes tried! How cool is that!

Tonight, I was out walking in the pair I'm reviewing, and I really like them! I hope you like that we've added hiking shoes to our fall shoes review section.

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Nadia said...

Yes… I too love hiking shoes, they are my favorite & used to buy them through The North Face.